Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Remix According To Ashley Beedle Volume One (2012 Future Vintage Vaults)

If there was a Museum Of Dance Music, Ashley Beedle would surely have a big hall just for himself. The enormous amount of remixes by this many-faceted individual could feed a blog of its own. Because I'm such a lazy lizzard, I'm loving especially his non-house and downtempo line of work which is contained on this fine double disc collection. And yes, there will probably be a sequel dedicated to his four-to-the-floor work sometime in the near future (if there will be any), so don't bother asking ;-)

Stay tuned!

101 Marden Hill Come On (Ashley Beedle Mix)
102 Ski (Ain't Gonna) Justify (Short Trip To Space Mix)
103 Sacred Spirit Gitchi Manidoo (Geronimo Lessons Part 1 and 2)
104 D*Note The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Ballistic Barrio Boom)
105 Renegade Soundwave Positive I.D. (Ashley Beedle Saturday Night In Soho)
106 Jodeci Feenin (The Delta 70 B Boy Classic Mix by Ashley Beedle)
107 Manic Street Preachers Roses In The Hospital (51 Funk Salute Mix)
108 The Aloof Sinking (Ashley Beedle Nautical Cosmic Break Mix)
109 Ryuichi Sakamoto Salvation (Ashley Beedle's Heaven & Earth)
110 DJ Food Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Cosmic Consciousness Mix)
111 Moloko Lotus Eaters (Ashley Beedle's Funk In Your Neighbourhood Mix)
112 Baby Fox Jonny Lipshake (The 360° Drunken Master Soundboy Special)
113 The Aloof Wish You Were Here... (Postcards From the Edge Mix by Ashley Beedle)

201 Marden Hill Thelonious (Ashley Beedle Mix)
202 Indian Vibes Mathar (Ballistics In Traffic Mix)
203 DJ Food Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Unconscius Dub)
204 Mono Slimcea Girl (Fat Boy Vocal)
205 Lisa Stansfield The Line (Ashley Beedle Pure Funk Radio Edit)
206 David Holmes Gritty Shaker (Our Latin Thing Remix)
207 St. Germain Alabama Blues (The Black Science Philly Phunk Remix)
208 The Aloof Bittersweet (Lemon In the Honey Domestic Mix by Ashley Beedle)
209 Manic Street Preachers Roses In The Hospital (O.G. Psychovoval Mix)
210 Shawn Lee Happiness (Ashley Beedle's Secret Beach Bossa 7'' Mix)
211 The Brand New Heavies You've Got A Friend (Ballistic Brothers Mix)
212 Heaven 17 Let Me Go (Ashley Beedle Remix)
213 Renegade Soundwave Positive I.D. (Ashley Beedle Soho Groovement)
214 The Aloof One Night Stand (Ashley Beedle The Long Night And The Samba Remix)

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70's Baby Early 80's Child said...
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Luke said...

Thanks for this, thanks for the heads up with the volume two information too (looking forward to that)

Would you be able to include I Wanna Sing by East Village Loft Society? I'm desperate for that, plus the East Village mixes of Inner City's Back Together Again.

aorto said...

Welcome back!

Hope things in your world have improved...

Give us an update if you're up to it.

Either way, I've got you linked at hadtocallisomething.

Mark S said...

Excellent stuff!

El Dorado said...

Many thanks! I wish you all the best for your life.

Unknown said...


Amacord said...

hey man, great to have you back!!!
hope things are getting better, thx for continuing this excellency :)


what a fantastic collection of beedle riffs! thank you :-)

robbie said...

could to have you back and what a bomb to drop

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for continuing to post in the Future Vintage Vaults series. I am a huge fan of the remix, and these are excellent collections. Many thanks again!

NOUS said...

big fan of AB
txs !!!!

delboy said...

stoked on finding your blog- not many left now! Def miss the 90's vibes ...we were spoilt...esp ballistic brothers ep's..nice one mate peace!

Khayem said...

I know and love lots of the remixes on this collection, but plenty of new gems and surprises. The Manic Street Preachers remix was surprisingly good. Thanks again for another immaculate collection! Khayem

Future Vintage said...